Integration of 21st-century skills: Problem-solving in Mathematics Curriculum By Deepthi. O.V


            Students need more than just traditional mathematical knowledge in the fast-changing modern world of the 21st century. In this knowledge-based, globalized, and technologized world, our living and interacting styles are changing. Therefore, we, especially the growing generation, should have to attain the competing skills to critically think, maintain a collaborative mindset, enable exemplary communication, and adapt to a more challenging life and work environment. These modern and newly important competing skills are collectively called 21st-century skills. Many international frameworks like OECD, ATCS, P21, and UNESCO have listed some 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, media literacy, technological literacy, innovation, metacognition, leadership, collaboration, etc. All such organizations agree that these modern skills can be taught by teaching different subjects in a well-framed curriculum. Mathematics is a subject that includes numbers, angles, formulas, and finding the correct answer to difficult problems. So, the students can find solutions to each problem. Problem-solving skills help people arrive at an appropriate answer through components such as planned observation, critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. This paper discusses the importance of the 21st-century skill Problem problem-solving, the idea behind problem-solving skills, the importance of developing problem-solving skills, strategies for integrating problem-solving skills, the role of the teacher in integrating problem-solving skills and challenges in the integration of Problem-solving skills in the Mathematics curriculum.

Keywords:21st-century skills, problem-solving, mathematics curriculum, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, analytical thinking

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