Volume 11 Issue 1 (July 2023) Index Page

Serial Number Paper Title Authors Page Number
1 Teacher Professional Development and 21st-Century Skills: A Prospective Approach Jaina Paul and Dr.R.Jeyanthi 1-15
2 21st Century Skills: An Analysis of MOOCs for College Students Dr. Manisha Digambarrao Asore and Dr. Jitendra Subhash Shinde 16-24
3 Educational Tours for Students: Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom Dani P George, Shijin S. and Dr. Anitha S. 25-32
4 Analysing English Proficiency of D.El. Ed. Teacher Trainees in Urdu Medium Instruction: Implications for NEP 2020 Dr Govindaiah Godavarthi 33-48
5 An Explorative Study on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education for Teacher Educators Ms. Mariza Markose and Mr. Manoj K Dewtwal 49-62
6 Empowering Transgender Education: Analyzing NEP-2020’s Impact and Opportunities Prakasha C. 63-76
7 A Study of Children with Disabilities’ Transition from Home into Inclusive Schools and Student-Teacher Relationship Dr. Quazi Ferdoushi Islam 77-93
8 Educational Implication of Bhagavad Gita and Its Relevance in the 21st Century Ms. Bini T.V. and Dr. Seema Menon K P 94-109
9 Integration of 21st-century skills: Problem-solving in Mathematics Curriculum Deepthi. O.V. 110-120
10 Adversity Quotient and Logical Thinking Skill of Prospective Teachers at Secondary Level: A Correlational Analysis Preetha Gopalakrishnan and D. Josephine Joseph 121-129
11 Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning in Nurturing Global Citizens Dr. Gita Gulati 130-137
12 Mindfulness and Resilience to Foster Mental Health Dr. Resmy Varghese 138-153
13 Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning: Need and Relevance in Teacher Education Dr Seema Sharma 154-162
14 Interpretation of the CASEL Framework and its Application to foster Socio-Emotional Learning in School Children from Kindergarten to Grade X Dr. Vidhya Satish and Ms. Kalyani Arumugam 163-173
15 A Study on Moral Judgement of B.Ed. Teacher Students in Relation to Demographic Variables Praseeda V 174-186
16 Professional Development of Teacher in Higher Education Meena Kumari 187-194
17 Digital Pedagogy: From Screens to Minds Dr. Aditya Bala 195-212
18 Early-Stage Ph.D. Scholars’ Perception of Research Ethics Mohammad Haider Raza 213-234
19 Spiritual Intelligence and Teaching Aptitude of Prospective Teachers in Erode District Dr.M.Arunasalam 235-246
20 Status and Professional Development of Teachers in India Dr. Manisha Sharma 247-254
21 Ethical Education B. Ramalakshumma 255-272
22 Promoting Equity in Education: A Review of Inclusive Practices for Students with Disabilities M.Ramya 273-279
23 Developing Well-Rounded Individuals: The Impact of Socio-Emotional Learning Mrs. Smitha Mathew 280-288
24 Exploring the Role of Art-Integrated Learning in Fostering 21st Century Skills Ms. Manvinder Kaur 289-297
25 Exploring the Role of Art-Integrated Learning in Fostering 21st Century Skills Ms. Manvinder Kaur 298-309
26 Exploring Universal Design for Learning as a Need-Based Learning Approach: A Review of the Current Literature Riji Vijayan and Dr. Faisal K V 310-324
27 Environmental Ethics in Relation to Pro-Environmental Behaviour among Higher Secondary School Students Prasanthi P K, and Dr. Mubi K. Mohamed Ali 325-335
28 NEP 2020 – A Road to Inclusive Education Ms. Kanika Khanna 336-346
29 Teacher Professional Development Dr.S.Veena 347-356
30 Integration of Technology for the Development of 21st Century Skills in Teachers Dr. Shipra Srivastava 357-373
31 Mindfulness – Key to Right Attitude and Resilience among Adolescent Students Dr. Geeta Menon 374-383
32 Technology Integration Dr. A. Blessing Mary and Cathrine Asha S. 384-390
33 Integrating Technology into the Math Classroom: Strategies to Engage the Students Dr. Ranjana Ruhela and Dr. Surinder Singh 391-398
34 Parent Orientation and Community Engagement in Physical Education Abhinand K 399-410
35 Case Studies: A Counselling Perspective Krishnakumar E.P 411-416
36 Curricular Promises for a Scientific Community of Alpha Generation Sujisha E.P. and Dr. M. Jesa 417-431
37 The Effect of Teachers’ Perceived Pedagogical Training on Teacher Professional Development in Higher Education Halimabi. M C 432-443
38 Improving Seventh-Grade Students’ Academic Self-Efficacy Through Constructivist 7E Model Ms. Shaista Rahman and Dr. Rekha Chavhan 444-454
39 Equity and Inclusivity in Education: Nurturing a Fair and Diverse Learning Environment Shashikala Patel and Dr. Prashant Kale 455-466
40 Ethical Education in Shaping Global Citizens: A Pathway towards a Sustainable Future Srikanth Ganduri 467-474
41 Teachers Professional Development in 21st Century Dr.K.Gajendiran 475-482
42 Unlocking the Dialogue: Pioneering Human-Machine Conversations through GPT Advancements Rosewin C Peter and Dr. R. Lakshmi 483-504
43 Enhancing Student Learning Through Teacher Professional Development Dr. S.Arockia Elizabeth Josephine 505-514
44 Numismatics Knowledge: A Holistic Pedagogy for the Digital Age Miss. Afsana Harun Maneri 515-534
45 Integration of Digital Technology and Higher Education among College Students M. Devika and Dr. T. Sivasakthi Rajammal 535-543
46 Importance of Social Intelligence as a 21st Century Skill Dr. Taiyaba Nazli 544-554
47 Promote 21st Century Skills in the Classroom Dr. M. Gnana Kamali and Dr. E. C Punitha 555-561
48 Effect of Cooperative Learning Technique Think Pair and Share Developing Cooperation among Secondary School Students in Social Science Classes Sandhya.S and Dr.P.B.Buelabel Bency 562-584
49 Effectiveness of Activity Based ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Strategies in Development of Professional skills, Knowledge and Understanding and Attitude among Secondary School Teacher Trainees Dr.Savitha N 585-599
50 Holistic Pedagogy Shaping 21st Century Skills in Education Miss. Seema L. Kadam 600-609
51 Leveraging the Advantage of Technology to Equip Teachers for the 21st Century Shaikh Fahemeeda and Fatima Begum, Fareeda Athar, and Raziya Parveen 611-617
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