About the Journal

Cognitive Discourses: International Multidisciplinary Journal
(Peer Reviewed / Open Access)

ISSN 2321-1075 (Print) ISSN 2347-5692 (Online)

Cognitive Discourses, a beacon in the realm of multidisciplinary research, emerged onto the academic landscape in July 2013 with the primary aim of fostering scholarly dialogues across various cognitive disciplines. Since its inception, the journal has evolved into a bi-annual online publication committed to disseminating cutting-edge research in an open-access format. The pivotal role played by Cognitive Discourses is underscored by its dedication to advancing knowledge and understanding in diverse academic domains.

Originally established as a bi-monthly research journal, Cognitive Discourses quickly gained recognition and found its place on the UGC List of Journals, a testament to the journal’s commitment to maintaining rigorous academic standards. However, it is noteworthy that the journal is not yet listed in UGC-CARE.

The journal operates as an open-access, peer-reviewed research platform, reflecting a commitment to transparency, accessibility, and scholarly rigor. In its current iteration, Cognitive Discourses conducts a meticulous plagiarism check on all submitted articles, ensuring the integrity of the published content. Articles with a similarity index below 10% proceed to the next stage of the peer-review process, contributing to the journal’s dedication to upholding academic excellence.

Under the editorial guidance and peer-review process, the journal serves as a crucible for intellectual exchange and the advancement of cognitive sciences. The rigorous evaluation process ensures that only high-quality, original contributions make their way into the journal. Authors submitting their work to Cognitive Discourses can be confident in the thoroughness of the review process, which aims to maintain the journal’s standing as a reliable source of scholarly discourse.

One notable feature of Cognitive Discourses is the exclusive publication rights granted upon submission. Authors are encouraged to submit their work with the understanding that, once submitted for review, articles should not be simultaneously submitted to other journals. This exclusivity ensures that the journal remains the primary platform for disseminating the research, fostering a sense of commitment and alignment between the authors and the journal.

As Cognitive Discourses continues to evolve in the ever-dynamic academic landscape, it stands as a testament to the enduring pursuit of knowledge and the multidisciplinary nature of cognitive sciences. The journal’s commitment to openness, integrity, and excellence positions it as a valuable resource for scholars and researchers seeking to contribute to and engage with the latest advancements in cognitive disciplines.