Ethical Education in Shaping Global Citizens: A Pathway towards a Sustainable Future By Srikanth Ganduri

Education serves a crucial and indispensable part in the process of transforming people into knowledgeable and accountable members of the global community. By encouraging moral thinking, building empathy and compassion, and developing a feeling of social duty, ethical education plays a vital role in creating global citizens. In the contemporary globalised society, characterised by extensive interconnectivity and frequent interactions with people from various cultural and societal origins, it becomes imperative to provide individuals with the essential ethical principles and values that enable them to effectively go through intricate ethical predicaments. Ethical education is crucial in creating global citizens with the values, abilities, and information needed to handle challenging global issues in a world where connections and interdependence are growing. This study aims to investigate the role that ethical education plays in promoting cultural awareness, global responsibility, and sustainable development. Through an analysis of the advantages, obstacles, and practical approaches for implementing ethical education in global educational systems. This study attempts to emphasise the significance of ethical education in developing the next generation of global citizens.

Keywords: empathy, compassion, responsibility, interconnected, shaping, incorporating, underscore.

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