Importance of Social Intelligence as a 21st Century Skill By Dr. Taiyaba Nazli


It rapidly changing environment, marked by technology developments, globalization, and shifting socio-economic paradigms, has emerged in the 21st century. The phrase “21st-century skills” has taken on a significant degree of significance in this setting. This abstract explores the value of providing students with the skills they need to succeed in our fast-paced world. The term “21st century skills” refers to a set of abilities that go beyond what is often taught in schools. These abilities include problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, cooperation, and digital literacy. These abilities are now crucial for success in the workplace, civic engagement, personal development and growth in addition to being pertinent to schooling. The rapidly evolving society of the 21st century, skills required for success are continually changing. One of the critically important skill is social intelligence. This research paper delves into the significance of social intelligence as a 21st C skill, emphasizing its impact on personal, professional, and societal outcomes. It explores the various components of social intelligence, its relevance in an increasingly   transforming world and strategies for fostering it in educational and workplace settings. The abilities needed in the twenty-first century’s environment are always changing.  Social intelligence is an ability of utmost importance. This paper examines the value of social Intelligence focusing on how it affects results for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. It examines the elements of social intelligence, its applicability in a world that is becoming more networked, and methods for promoting it in contexts like schools and workplaces.

Keywords: 21st c skills, professional and societal abilities, social intelligence, prevention of isolation

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