Youth and Consumer Behaviour- a study among the college students in thrissur district  By Manjima.M.V[1]



Youth is considered as the asset of the nation. The future of our country is lies in the hands of the youth. Youth is a concept used to demarcate a particular stage in the life span development of an individual.  The period in a person’s life is considered formative in the creation of their identity. Beginning in 1900’s the most frequent reason given for attending college had changed to make a lot of money.  Out ranking reasons such as becoming an authority in a field or helping others in difficulty came. This statement directly correlates with the rise of materialism specifically the theological aspect.  At this time CD players, digital media, personal computers and cellular phones all began to integrate into the affluent society’s everyday life style.  Companies and corporations have realised that rich consumers are the most attractive targets for marketing their products.  The upper class tastes, life styles and preferences trickle down to become standard, which all consumers seek to emulate. The study of consumer behaviour as a separate marketing discipline began when marketers realised that consumers did not always act or react as marketing theory suggested by the world.  Despite sometimes “me too” approach to fads and fashions, many consumers rebelled at using identical products they felt reflected their own special needs, personalities and life styles.Youth is the main target of the markets. They can be easily influenced by the outlook and novelty of the products. Most of them wanted to become trend setters rather than trend followers. Consumerism among youth increased due to various factors and various reference groups emerged in the scene. Over consumerism with out thinking about the current financial condition and future investment will hinder the growth and development of the individual in future.

Key words: Youth, consumer, consumerism, peer group, reference group, novelty

[1] Research Scholar, Dept.Of Sociology, St.Teresa’s College Ernakulam

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