Digital Pedagogy: From Screens to Minds By Dr. Aditya Bala


This research paper investigates the overarching theme of the growing utilization of technology in education, exploring its multifaceted consequences and the dynamic transformations it has instigated in classrooms on a global scale as an avant-garde innovation. The increasing integration of technology in education represents a paradigm shift that has fundamentally altered traditional methods of teaching and learning. This transformation extends far beyond the mere introduction of smart boards and tablets in classrooms; it encompasses a wide spectrum of digital tools, platforms, and resources that have, in essence, revolutionized educational practices. The primary objective of this research paper is to meticulously examine the manifold impacts of this technological integration across various educational levels, ranging from secondary to higher education, and spanning diverse subject areas. It seeks to elucidate how technology shapes pedagogical approaches, engages students, and redefines the roles of educators. Moreover, it delves into the equity and access concerns that have surfaced in this digital age. By scrutinizing the ever-evolving landscape of education, this paper endeavors to provide profound insights and foster a comprehensive understanding of the expanding role of technology in our quest for knowledge.

Keywords: digital pedagogy, technology, pedagogy

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