Abstract The study focused on relationship between self concept and problem focused coping strategies of secondary school students. The study also examined gender differences in self concept and problem focused coping strategies. Present study was conducted on 200 adolescent students of class 10th of schools of Pathankot city. Data was

Abstract Intelligence is defined as general cognitive problem solving skills. A mental ability involved in reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, calculating, learning quickly etc. we describe what is known about how emotionally intelligent people function both intra and inter personally and in both academic and workplace settings. For the present

Abstract Since time immemorial, human societies have devised ways and means to deal with ill-health. Particularly Tribal communities have developed their own medical systems for coping up of their health and disease and also their own systems of diagnosis and curative methods basing on their ecological settings, natural resources and

Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate Practices and Challenges of preprimary school Education in Eastern Ethiopia. To this effect, the following questions were raised to be answered; what does the status of educational practice in preprimary schools of the study area look like? What are the major

Abstract Present paper focuses on the A study on Social phobia among young adults. In this study 482 male and 518 female students from various streams in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu were selected. The descriptive survey method was employed for the present study. A random sampling technique was used

Abstract Cognitive method in the students with learning disabilities are weakened which often have a neurological basis. Mainly these children have the problems in control and regulate their abilities, behavior and academic performances. That is these children have difficulty to switch tasks or change behavior in relation to changing rules.

Abstract: This paper shows the interaction problem between radiation and single two levels system and confirms the formalism of a spin -½ particle 10, 11. In the semi-classical treatment the formalism can be easily extended15 to treat the problem when a number of such two level non-interacting systems coupled by

Abstract The wages to the MGNREGA workers are only to be paid through their accounts in bank and post offices. It ensures the various financial services provided by the banks and post offices are to be accessed by the poor villages, improve transparency, reduce fraudulent practices and induct the poorest

Abstract In the present study, the researcher tried to study the relationship among family environment, achievement motivation and emotional maturity of class XI students. A sample of 100 second year students of Bachelor of Arts studying in Govt. Colleges of Chandigarh was selected randomly. Pearson’s correlation statistics was employed.  The

Abstract Civil society is a vital pre-condition for the existence of democracy. The values of civil society are those of political participation and state accountability. Civil society is the set of civic rights, including primarily everyone’s right to participate in Public life. Widowhood is a disruptive and stressful situation in